Using Quality Procedure / Quality Goal

Good day all

Trust you are having a great day !!

I have ERPNext V13.39.1
I am wanting to use the quality documents to document my processes. Or at least that what
I am suppose to do in the quality module !!!

I have identified and noted some of the processes that I am following and would like to know
if I am on the right track, please.

I have categorised all the processes into a few headings…

procurement ( Local ; Import ; Advance payment-purchase )
warehousing ( SKU-coding ; Item-groups ; warehouse-flow )
stock management
production process


Backups ( Incremental backups ; full backups ; restore )
System Maintenance (Updating ERPNet ; Updating SSL-cert )

The list is not complete but I have added only a few entries to show my thought process.

So , if we take PROUCCTION → PROCUREMENT as an example …

The Quality Process Tree would look like this …

All Quality Procedures

  • Production
    • Procurement

And then I created the “Procurement” Procedure and in here , I defined the “Processes” as …

  • Local purchase process
  • Import purchase process
  • Advance Payment purchase process

and finally I created the "Quality Goal " as … “Procurement Data Captured efficiently”
and the procedure linked in this “Quality Goal” doc is of course “Procurement”.
And in this “Quality Goal” document, the “Objective” will be the list of processes in the
procedure-document. In this case …

  • Local purchase data captured
  • Import purchase data captured
  • Advance payment data captured

Am I on the right track here ?

Thanks !