Using stock items for internal use


I purchased a number of stock items.
Normally these stock items are to be sold and the flow here is very much clear (delivery note to customer).
The item gets booked under a direct expense account and done.

Now what flow do I have to follow in ERPNext when I want to use it for internal use?
It has to be booked on an indirect expense account and stock must be updated (as with a delivery note). Only I’m not a customer.

How do I do this?

We just use a direct stock entry.

So we have a different naming series set up

Not sure how it would work with accounting as we do not use that feature

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Thanks for the reply Ron.

Anyone else who could help me with this one?

I can’t imagine no one ever uses an item from his stock for internal use…

I would like to know this one too
Let’s say I’m selling fuel.
how can I record, our internal usage of fuel

Hi santhida,

Make a Stock Entry Purpose: Material Issue and issue out the Item and the Quantities. Use the appropriate Expense/Difference account and the cost of the issue will be charged to that account.

Hope this helps.



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