Using tags in custom print formats


How can access a documents tags from a custom print format?

Print format are developed in Jinjha Template/Bootstrap CSS and html
Some tips to get data from document

  1. Fetching document object {{ doc.customer_name }} 2) Date format{{ doc.get_formatted("po_date") or ''}}

  2. Currency Formate

    {{ doc.get_formatted(“rate”) }}

  3. Avoiding None in Print Format:
    Fetching Batch number if ordered item has batch.
    Write if condition, otherwise it will print None

    {%- if row.batch_no -%}
    Batch No: {{ row.batch_no or ‘’ }}

    {%- endif -%}

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Thanks! But I still miss the tags, there is no doc.tag or doc.tags i can use to include the tags in my format…

{{ doc.get_formatted("_user_tags") }}

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