Using user type to assign roles and permissions

I have created three new user type and assigned it to different users. When i login with those user credentials im not able to access the roles i have previously defined in user type. First of all is it possible to assign roles and permission using this method? If not is there any other method to assign same roles for bulk members?

Hi @PranethaaVinoth,

go to “Role Permissions Manager”. I think you will get what you are finding.

Thank You.

Thank you for your response @harshvadhiya . I have a doubt, In my application i have to enhance a feature where auto application of policies should be enabled . For example , I will assign a set of roles, permissions and policies for HR user in this case if the organization is recruiting a new HR user If i enable a single button or field all the pre defined functions should be assigned to them . Is it possible? Or Is there any other feature similar to that