Using Warehouse Tree and potential "Find Stock" button in Sales Invoice/Order

Hi Everyone,

I am playing around with warehouse tree’s. First question, are other users using this new functionality now for storage locations? i.e. shelves, racks, bins, etc. It appears that the new tree can accommodate this. I have set up Rack1, Rack2, Rack3, etc. Is it appropriate for this use case?

Ok, so let’ s assume answer is yes. I now have 200 warehouses grouped under a “Racking” group node.

When I come to create a Sales Invoice there is no way of knowing where the stock is when setting Delivery Warehouse.

Would it therefore be useful to have a “Find Stock” button or a script to find a location which has qty > 1.

Just checking the above before looking at coding this up - feedback welcome.


HI @bglazier,
you can set delivery warehouse by enabling update stock on sales invoice form

-Suppose you created Racking warehouse as main group and under that you created R1 ,R2 warehouse .
Now your stock is in R1 warehouse. and R2 warehouse is empty.

-While Creating Sales Invoice ,if you enable “Update Stock” check box then inside table grid(Expand table grid) you will see “Stock Details” section ,you can set that as Delivery Warehouse

  • if you select R1 warehouse ,then you can see field there Available Qty at Warehouse ,qty will reflected ,if you select R2 then it will show empty.

Hi @shraddha

Thanks for the post.

My issue is that if you have a couple of hundred warehouses then you wouldn’t necessarily know what warehouse has stock. Not without running a stock report.

I have solved this by basically showing a message box running the query:

Select warehouse from tabBin where item_code = %s and actual_qty >0

Okay.Great :slight_smile: