Using Website Module Only as Login - No Pages

Working on moving over to ERPnext but I do not not want to rebuild my website in ERPNext. Instead, I want to only use the login page and the customer portal pages. No public facing website pages through ERPNext, at least for now. Is there a way to do this easily?

My first idea is to just change the href for the link on the top left to a custom dns record and route all traffic to the login page only but could find a option for that. Is there a better way to achieve what I am trying to do?

Go to Website > Setup > Website Settings

Set home page as login

And check Disable Signup at the bottom

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Is there a way to have the top left link (The company name on the login page) to link to a url?

You can try editing the Banner HTML property and add a link. I think the home link is added in the standard template though.

Where to edit banner html?


Website > Setup > Website Settings

if I want to change ‘ERPNEXT’ text on top left navigation-bar to be ‘HOME’ or with company name. How to do that?

i also want to know how to do it in V5 desk…thanks

Should probably create a new topic for this.