Utilising Job Cards in ERPNext

Job Cards play a vital role in any manufacturing process and facilitate smooth operations and efficient task management. Essentially, a job card is a document that contains detailed information about a specific task or operation to be completed within the production process. They are typically assigned to individual workstations or employees and detail the activities required to complete a particular job.

For example, in a furniture business, job cards may specify tasks such as cutting wood, assembling parts, and attaching components for manufacturing wooden chairs.

Each job card lists what materials are needed, how long the task should take, and any special instructions. This level of detail ensures that every step is carried out precisely. With clear accountability and monitoring throughout, by tracking progress, managing costs, and providing insights into overall performance, consistency in output quality is ensured.

Let’s say you run a furniture business and receive an order for wooden chairs. A job card for cutting wood might look like this:

  • Operation: Cutting Wood for Chairs
  • Assigned Employee/Workstation: Wood Cutting Station
  • Materials Required: Wood Planks (Quantity: 5), Saw, Measuring Tape
  • Estimated Time: 1 hour
  • Special Instructions: Ensure precise cuts according to the provided dimensions

You can also assign a quality check for the item produced concerning the job card to ensure that the generated final product is of the proper quality.

Link to ERPNext documentation on ‘Job Cards’

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Hey @Basawaraj_Savalagi thank you for sharing your thoughts on job cards.

In your example, saw and measuring tapes looks to me as Tools and not materials, how do you include them in the Job card?