UX: Why are form inputs invalid before entry?

Why do form inputs turn red before I’ve touched the form? I haven’t entered any values yet:

Also, some are red but not others - it raises so many UX question marks for me and distracts me from the process.

Aside, don’t expect users to have first and last names.

Red fields are required. Also, last name is optional.

I realise that, but it’s inconsistent with the rest of the app and the rest of the Web. Before you log into your banking account or Google or Facebook account, why don’t the forms turn red on first load, even if they are required?

IMO mandatory fields should have an asterisk (*) next to them and only turn red on blur or form submission if they contain bad or missing data.

It may be inconsistent with the rest of the web, but it is consistent in the app. If you would like to see it change, I would open an issue on GitHub.