[v-11] UX issues with modules dropdown

Version 11 has come with two changes that a lot of users complain about in our company.

Issue 1: Two Click Process to Desk

To get to the desk in the past you just had to click the ERPNext logo in the breadcrumb navigation. Now when you click it a module section opens and you have to move your mouse and click a second time to get to the desk. I don’t think its the best design choice to use a home button with such functionality, maybe right next to it can be a button for this and we can have the home button leading home again?

Current Design:


Issue 2: Desk Icons and New Tab

You used to be able to do a right-click and “open in new tab” or do a control + click to open in a new tab. This was used a lot to open tabs to work in. Now this is no longer possible. Again this is a usability problem.


it’s Nice observation from user point of view.

I second Issue 1

Double click to desk?

Edit: we will revert it. Not a good experiment.

What’s the need of going to Desktop, as we are getting all the modules listed in the dropdown?

Agree on the revert. The E is actually a breadcrumb item, so turning it into a menu/hamburger thing is out of place. Maybe add a hamburger icon to the left for this. Or a down arrow to the right which can be used to open the menu component.

let say if we create some custom links (shortcuts to report etc…) those are readily available at desktop.

Yeah, I realised it immediately after making the comment.

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I think the whole thing is that those features or problems are all counter-intuitive and that is not a good UX design.

Issue 1: Two Click Process to Desk

I like the idea in general that we have the ability to see the modules. This was actually missing before, just the ERPNext Home Button [ E ] is not the logical place for it.

Issue 2: Desk Icons and New Tab

Users can use new tab browser functions everywhere except for the desk now, that’s really not smart.