V10 bug ? See Reference Doctypes from non used Domains

If I use a Domain such as Manufacturing I should not expect to see Roles such as Physician available in Contact type .

Pls see Video Peek 2017-12-18 23-20

To Replicate
Using beta.erpnext.com and my v9 running Master
Create new Contact and select from the Linked Doctypes as in the screen grabs.

I cannot access domain settings in Setup on beta.erpnext.com so cannot confirm that the domain is only using a single or very few selections. But I also see this same problem on my v9 running Master anyway, where I see doctypes available in Contact which are in health although I only have Domain set for manufacturing

@vishdha can you please check? If issue found, create a Github Issue for it.

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Fixed by @Zlash65 via : Listdown doman-activated doctype in Contacts & Address by Zlash65 · Pull Request #4671 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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