V10 : Check box not working fine with Firefox / IE11 / Chrome

Hi, did anyone encounter the check box issue on V10?
You can open the doctype as an example. I try on V9 with Chrome/Firefox, no issue.

On the left screen using Chrome, right screen used Firefox. iOS not ok in V10 on the check box.

But both V9 & V10 have problem when login into IE11
Did not show the Desktop.

Can anyone give some help? Which browser / version of browser can be used properly?

Checkboxes working for me on both Firefox and Chrome. What are the ERPNext and Frappe versions you are using?

Also, it is best to use Firefox and Chrome (even Edge maybe) for ERPNext. IE is usually not recommended.

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Firefox or Chrome only!! When trying to use Edge across several different windows platforms it is very inconsistent. In several of the Surface Pro tablets it will not display the POS screen at all. Just plain white background. On some desktop PC’s it will not allow you to select some printing functions.

Edge is not stable yet with ERPNext.

Also, it appears that @Witton is trying to use this on iOS and not a Windows platform. So his/her mileage may be different.


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I’m using ERPNext 10.0.2
Frappe 10.0.3

In fact we try on few browser. Not only iOS.
But may I know what caused this issue? The ERPNext was using some default lib or class from browser?