V10 Leave Application Validation, able to submit on Draft?

Dear community,

Prior to v10, a leave approver can only submit a leave application if the leave application status is changed to Approved or Rejected. If status is Draft, the document is only saved.

However, it seems that we are able to submit when status is Draft. The validation is gone?

No workflow is active here.

Bump. Hoping for a reply.


how to enter half day in leaves

Hi @propack

You check on Half Day box then select the Date which is on half day.

Have you checked uset permission? Maybe users have Leave Approver ticked.

Hi @muzzy,

I managed to solve this by using validate=false method.

However, I encountered another problem.

When Leave Approver changed the status to approve, he has to Save first
before Submitting.

Leave Approver should only allow to Submit. Do you face same issue?




in my office, Leaves Deduction method is 0.25,0.5,0.75,1.25 ?
how can update this type

Hi @propack

I dont think ERPNext has catered for that.