[v10] Request Timed Out for email

I have been trying to get an email domain to work on ERPNext (v10) for several days now. At first I had a email domain with odd ports and that never did work.

So, now I setup my very own email server on a Debian 8 Cloud Server running iRedMail as the mail server. I setup the DNS records, and tested the email with both web clients and Eudora local client. Everything with the email server works and it uses the standard ports for IMAP (993) and SMTP (587). This server has a fully registered URL and the DNS has propagated fully.

I go to the Email Domain configuration section of ERPNext and do the following:

After several minutes I get:


I have tried this with many combinations and am unable to get it to work. What am I missing? I know the email server works because I built it specifically for this application and tested it with other clients. I must be missing a step.

Any Ideas?


BKM your problem is likely a closed port here’s how you check Email settings cannot be saved - #10 by clarkej

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Thanks John. You are probably right. I am so used to overlooking something simple in the regular workings of ERPNext that I thought for sure I was missing a step. But, it looks like I did everything right so it’s time to start looking for server port problems.

Thanks for the pointer and the link to our detailed diagnostic steps. I think I’m done for today. Eyes are already far too strained. This sounds like a job for tomorrow morning when I am fresh and ready to take on the server port mess.


Right again. Port 587 was closed for some reason. I set it open to tcp and udp traffic and now my main live production server allowed the domain to save.

Not having the same kind of luck however with my staging servers on Google Cloud Platform. I have not been able to get the right combination of ports to open up and allow my domains to save.

This makes for a scary situation. It is not a good idea to have staging servers that cannot duplicate the conditions of your live server. While my live production server is on its way toward functional email, my staging and testing servers are not yet able to follow. I NEVER like to experiment on my live production environment. So even if my domain is now saved and configured there, I will not go any further until I have a safe test environment that works as well.

Has anyone else figured out what combination of port changes are needed in GCP to do email with ERPNext?

For all I know I may be misinterpreting the instructions in the GCP docs about how to open the ports. I welcome anyone with experience here to chime it.