V10 upgrade with bdtheme app installed

I’m trying to upgrade from V9 to V10 and I have bdtheme installed… I get this error:

Essentially telling me that I need to deactivate the app, or do something else.

I’m not all that familiar with the git stuff., but I did check on the .bench repository and checked the status and it shows all commits are good / status normal.

I think I’m missing something here, something easy. How do I upgrade and keep bdtheme?

Do this :

cd frappe-bench/apps/bdtheme/
git commit -a -m "save changes"
cd ..
cd ..
bench update
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thanks Mohammed… now when I try to run bench update, either as sudo or not (and just su frappe beforehand) I get:

error: cannot open .git/FETCH_HEAD: Permission denied.

I’ve tried to CHMOD the git folders as shown in another post, but same error. :frowning:

Hi @stardotmatt

Are you logged in as Frappe already? Also confirm if you’ve been able to successfully do a bench update before now

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@stardotmatt to Make the current user own everything inside the folder (and the folder itself):

Write this in frappe-bench folder:

sudo chown $USER -R ~/frappe-bench


Because you edit bdtheme app. You can delete .git folder of bdtheme app. Bench will don’t check commit.

Thanks Vinhnguyen… what exactly do I need to do to delete the .git folder? I’m looking in /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/bdthemes but I do not see a .git folder when I perform an “ls”? Am I missing something else?



list folder show hidden folder and files

ls -a

you will see have .git folder. delete it

rm -rf .git

Thanks all! Upgrade is now complete! :slight_smile:

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