V11 Auto create production order doesnt work below reorder level

hello, i make the reorder levels in product options like this. and make the reorder type production

is is not creates auto production order even the item quantity is lower than reorder level. the product also has BOM

Try checking for Material Request instead. Sometimes these will be made overnight (or after some other period of time).

If you’re self hosted ensure your scheduler is enabled:

bench --site <your_site.com> enable-scheduler

i think it creates a Material Request with manufacturing porous .
Not creating a production order directly

scheduler is working. and there is no created material request. how is working auto reorder in production? is anybody using it?

as i know it creates material request when item reach reorder level then you have to check material request and make production order manually

so if u setup everything please make sure that you have checked this option

Raise Material Request when stock reaches re-order level

in stock settings

there is no material requests created, and

Raise Material Request when stock reaches re-order level

this option is enabled too. but is doesnt create anything

also it is important in manufacturing to create production orders automatically, becouse it will make the production system automatically in facility. full automatized production orders below reorder level and auto planning will make the manufacting activity very easy. maybe this feature should be added in next versions.