[v11] Can't submit Sales Invoice - "Account ... can not be a group"

I have trouble submitting a Sales invoice

Sales Invoice SINV-2019-0001: Account: 61000 - Sales - xx can not be a group


so the mentioned account 61000 - Sales is an income account.
It is a group and was set as Default income Account for my Company.

So I have changed that setting to an actual non-group income account


but the error remains.

can anyone advise how to get past this?

I have already

  • updated my instance to the latest v11.1.14
  • ran bench restart
  • bench clear-cache

only way I could come up with to sort this out was to restore the database, then make the adjustment in the default income account, then create another Sales Invoice and Submit it.

if something like this happend in a production environment I’d need to have a very recent db backup in order to not loose too much work

You may have just been stressed by the error getting in your way and temporarily forgot that once a doc is created it is created with the accounts and other conditions that existed at the moment it was created. :roll_eyes:

The corrective action in a production environment my have been to cancel and or try to delete the original transaction and then remake the doc with the new settings in place.

I know… I get stressed and forget simple things when I am under pressure. :grin:


right, I’d say (without being 100% certain, I admit) that I tried that before pulling out the big guns. However, it’s always good to get reminded of thinking of the basics, thx.