V11 column width in reports

When I use for example the sales order report I cannot adjust the width of the columns below a certain value. This is generating a lot of wasted space. In V10 this was no issue. (we could make them as small as we wanted) See picture below


same! Would like to have this fixed…

Also, on reports, you can no longer sort data by a first and second value which is a bummer!

These issues are both problems for us too.

Any news on this?

Maybe check this has been reported Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub and add a link here?

You can redefine the width of the columns in the customize form. Youo have to do it for every field though. For example “Customer’s Item Code” wodfth is standard 109 I changed it to 50.

Not really solved. When you refresh the screen the custom resizing is lost and all columns are again at max width.