V11 How can I apply user permission for all values?

Hi all,
I am trying to set user permission for a user to be able to view all values for a particular document

User is Ditram, I want to allow Ditram to view all employees for document Employee Advance. How can I achieve that?
For now Ditram can only view his own Employee Advance.
I have an option to create user permission to allow Ditram, but I can only set value per every employee.
Which means if I have 70+ employees, I have to create 70+ different permissions for Ditram to be able to view them all

it becomes quite a repetitive and tiresome task.
Is there a way I can set this permission all at once for Ditram to view all Employee Advances?

I’m running
ERPNext: v11.1.16 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.16 (master)


To be honest i have found user permission in V11 to be much more complex than was touted. But from what i understand, deleting all user permissions related to Employee Advance and giving that user permission via Role Permission allows the user view Employee Advance for all Employees.

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Thanks @flexy2ky.
But I don’t have any user permissions related to Employee Advance,
I only have two permissions.
One is permission to restrict employee to his particular company for all Document Types

Second permission is to restrict employee to view only his own record for all Document Types

And thus I am looking for a way to allow all values for Employee Advance Document only

Go to Role Permissions Manager. You can either create a special role for this access or assign this Role Permission to a Role unique to this user or users you want to view all Employee Advance.

By default, only Role Employee can view the Employee Advance doctype as shown in the screenshot below:

So all you need to do is select the right User Role, Add a New Rule, Select Employee Advance and assign the right permissions for the the User Role.

@deatram Were you able to do it?
I am facing the same problem and my question is same as yours.

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I created a new user rule, didn’t work for me.