[v11] how to balance an Opening Journal Entry against unpaid SINV?

I have

  1. a Journal Entry used as Opening entry against a Customer (this represents the balance at the day we have opened the books in ERPNext against that Customer)
  2. a SINV which has a sum due matching that Opening Entry.

the image shows the Accounts Reveicable Report against that Customer.

How can I balance those entries (Opening Journal Entry & SINV) against each resulting into lines 1 & 2 disappearing from the A/R report?

I have experimented a bit with Amending the Opening Journal Voucher and linking it with the SINV but couldn’t make it work.

Any suggestions on how to approach this?

btw: I have not used the Opening Invoice Creation Tool for the Opening Balance because the Customer deals in a non-default currency and the tool only support default currency entries.

We had the same currency issue. So we simply created sales invoices (you can mark them as opening invoices) using the data import tool and with an “open invoice item”. I think this might be a better approach.

If you mean the “Opening Invoice Creation Tool”. I agree that this is much more easy to use, but, as mentioned, this only works in the default currency. I have used it for all Customers with whom we deal in our default currency. However the customer in this example is invoice in a non-default currency, so the Tool does not work.

That said … it should work on any currency, but that’s a different discussion.

However, your comment gave me the right hint to replace the journal entry with just a Credit Note (Sales Invoice with “Is Return/Credit Note” checked). The only thing that I do not like too much is that this requires a ‘virtual’ item which like Opening Balance, but I can live with that.

thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

No we did not use it for the same reason you mention.
We literally created sales invoices via the data import tool. (not the open invoice creation tool)
It was about ~100 or so invoices. So wasnt that painful in the end.

ok got it. thx

Can’t the Reconcile Payments feature be used to knock off these two balances?



have never used that. No idea what it really does neither (adding one more thing on the endless To-Do list). Thanks for the pointer. Will consider this if at any later point in time I stumle upon a similar situation