V11 html email signature no longer working

In v10, it was possible to enter the email signature as an HTML code, which was perfect.

Since v11, this is no longer possible. Will it possible again soon?

Otherwise, I’d like to at least be able to enter my signature as a table. But I’d like to be able to merge some cells, so as to get the correct layout.

Thanks for your help!


Can you please share a detailed example with screenshots?

I used html in T&C’s and also there it is not working. Here is and example

Hi @Rudi_Meylemans, I used customize form and changed the field type to HTML Editor and it to worked

OK this could be a work around but I also wrote quite some custom code to select the right T&C depending on a lot of factors. So I need to change also all this code. I hope there is another solution coming.