[v11] "Opening Invoice Creation Tool" - only working for default currency

We have customers billed in the company default currency USD, as well as another currency (CNY).

So, when setting up I need to create Opening Invoices (using the “Opening Invoice Creation Tool”) for all these customers.

However the Opening Invoice creation Tool seems only to work for customers using the default currency. For customers billed in CNY I am getting

“Accounting Entry for Customer xyx can only be made in currency: CNY”.

I could not agree more to that statement, however it is an automated process and I need the “Opening Invoice Creation Tool” to fetch the currency for each Customer (which it does for all default currency customer, but not for Customers in any other currency).

For now it seems, this is just one of many v11 kinks (I think the usage of that tool has been changed since v10) or has anybody a solution at hand.

Could I alternatively produce a “Journal Entry” of some kind to create the debt for Customers at the point of moving into ERPNext?

what seems to work is a “Journal Entry” of Type “Opening Entry” with

  • a Debit to the Receivable account in CNY (Party = the customer billed in CNY)
  • a Credit to the Temporay Opening account in CNY (no party selected)

important detail: the checkbox “Multi Currency” needs to be checked (even though the transaction in my example has CNY accounts on both sides)

This may work somewhat, but it would be much cleaner whether the Opening Invoice Creation Tool would be able to work in all currencies, not just the default)

Feel free to upvote (thumbs up emoticon) the related issue i’ve just created

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