V11 Permissions are a MESS

We have everyone on our team (5 users) has permission to EVERYTHING. We never setup roles or permissions. Now that we got upgraded to v11, people can’t see certain things and it says “Restricted” in the upper corner. WHY? HOW? We want everyone to have access to everything in our system. How can I achieve this ASAP? We are basically completely dead in the water at this point. We are on ERPNext Cloud and they upgraded us overnight.

We can’t see the customer name on sales order list. We can’t see our Items list. We can’t see our Purchase order list. It’s all just blank!!

Thanks -

When you click on “Restricted” it will show you want is the restriction. The restriction is because of User Permissions.

The restricted shows this: 45

This tells me nothing. We only have one company, Charlie Cook Associates?

It should not matter then. But will try and get this fixed.

Thanks. Like I said, all of our accounts can have access to everything. I just need all our permissions to work for all modules. We don’t have requirements or restrictions.


This won’t restrict access to anything (because you have only one company), but I agree that box is kind of annoying.

So why are we not able to see our Items, Sales orders are hiding the customer names, and Purchase Orders? We are having tons of permissions issues. I need to get someone to just reset our accounts to be administrators or whatever so we have full access.

On Item list, it doesn’t show restricted but it won’t show us our items??

I have also opened a ticket but need urgent help as we can’t do any work at this point.

Will reply on support :sweat_smile: