V11 purchase invoice conversion factor is mandatory


I cannot create a purchase invoice, here a video to show the bug :

Error is UOM conversion factor is set to 0 and is not editable even after choose a quantity and a unit in an item line.
It works correctly in v10, do I have to setup something or is it a bug ?


What is the current version of v11? (develop/staging?)
As said, it does work in v10.

Also, you can set the conversion rate in the item master itself:

It’s develop version and I want to use an item not in the database.

It’s not an item I will sold so I just set the Item name without create a real item, so I cannot set any conversion rate.

In V10 I can set only Item name and it works.


I get this same issue on v10.54

Trying to create a purchase invoice for a expense item (office supplies).

Any work-around for this?

I don’t know, I think you should open a new issue and add some screenshots and steps to reproduce this issue.