V11 Release Date

When is the ERPNext V11 target release date?

@s_list, ERPNext v11 will be released in the 3rd or 4th week of June (Tentative).


The 4th week of June is over. What is the current expectation of when v11 will be released? Looks like there is still some work to do:

We are in the testing phase. The milestone has multiple open issues related to testing.

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Any updates for the release date for V11 ?

It will be released on 10th of July (Tuesday).


Great. :slight_smile:

If ERPNext V11 is released. ERPNext V10 will available for production in future…

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Any news on release of V11?

Still there is a lot of testing going on and lot has to be tested. We have silently released it by creating a v11 branch and v11-hotfix branch which will likely be converted into a staging branch.

We have decided to release v11 as stable as possible. Hence, the delay.


Is there anyway for us to help the testing process? I would like to contribute to the community

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You can help us by testing on beta.erpnext.com (runs on v11) and report the bugs on github.


Would you recommend v11 for production, if we are using only the core modules of accounting, sales and stocks.

@shreya115 Any specific points to test? or do we just go through improvised process cycles?

You can use v11 for production but I would recommend waiting until it’s officially released.

There are no specific points to test, it contains a plethora of new features so test it all out!

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Is there a list of new features available anywhere?


For the scoop check here Open Day June 2018

Is v11 officially released ?

In this page the release date is 10th of july and I don’t see anymore v11 branch in github.
Should develop branch will be merged in master ?


We have pushed staging branch which will eventually be version 11 and merged to master. We are still doing active testing on this branch and pushing fixes.