(v11) Strange behaviour in POS with Item Variants (possible BUG)

I am running v11.1.4 in a trial environment for a potential client and they identified a strange behaviour after creating:

  • Items w/ variants

I have reproduce this my self in the same system as well. To see the error do the following:

  • Create a new Item Variant Template and save it.
  • From the template click blue “Create” button and select “Multiple Variants”
  • Choose the variant type (color or size)
  • Then check the boxes for about 5 of the variants in the list
  • Click Save
  • Reload the browser to clear the cache
  • Goto POS and look at the new variants you just created

It will probably look something like this screenshot:

Here I drew RED lines around what appear to be duplicates of the items that I just created. If you were to scroll down you would see that POS shows 6 full sets of these five variants that I just created.

It doesn’t matter if I reboot he system or anything, it always has these false duplicates displayed causing confusion and taking up space that should be for other products.

The fact that there are 6 full sets of the 5 variants means there are 25 extra spots taken up in the grid that you have to get past before you can see the rest of the products.

At this point I cannot run update on the server because I cannot afford to have anything go further wrong for the client using it as a test environment for their evaluation of EPRNext. I was already thrown out once because of the dumb upgrade messages that kept popping up. So, when I got that stopped I went back to them to complete their testing.

Please advise


Do the items also show up in the Item list (/desk#List/Item/List)? And are the correct items labeled “Template” (Parent) and Variant (Child) look correct? (Reminder that I don’t know 'nuthin, but it is midnight IST and I am just trying to help you keep moving along.)

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I have been on the road to a flood zone to help out there so I’m just getting back to this.

Yes. All of the child “Variants” appear correct and appear only one time in the Items list. The Template is also listed and it is correct. It also only appears one time in the Items list.

I would suspect it has something to do with the code that calls in the variants when setting up the POS display grid. It seems odd that there are 6 fulls sets of the Items listed on the grid and there are a total of 6 files that make up the Item (1 template and 5 child variants).

It is almost as if the POS grid is loading all 5 of the variants 1 time for each file.

May have to try setting up smaller and larger numbers to see how they are presented in the POS grid. So far all of them have been the 5 clothing sizes.

Will test more when I get another hour or 2 two to play with it again.


Hi @bkm

Any solution to this eventually?

Kind regards,

Hi, I am also facing this issue on my client’s production environment. Kindly suggest how to overcome this issue.

Also, when I turn to Offline mode, its work fine but PRICE are not displays with item.


Unfortunately, there does NOT appear to be a work-around for this. The bug is in the decision logic used to populate the grid in the online mode.

I gave up on v11 of ERPNext altogether and went back to v10 (even for my new clients). It just doesn’t make sense to use it when it is that broken. Most of my recent clients are very small and only pay about $30 per month for a basic implementation for their kiosk or small shop. So there is not enough money there right now to fund a fix for this.

If I get a larger client that wants to fund the development costs for the fix then it will be contributed.


In my observation when I set the Price for Item Template with their Variants it will display duplicate Items in POS.