[V11] User Permissions Refactor

Dear all,

We recently did user permission changes and It’ll be pushed to staging fixes.

Basically, we tried to simplify the structure of user permissions by removing skip_for_doctype multi-check.

So now, there will be a separate user permission record for every applicable doctype (unless Apply to all Document Types is checked).

This will enable a contextual user permission system
i.e., User can define what docs(in link fields) should be allowed under a specific parent doctype.

This structure will be much more clear to understand and will also be import friendly.


Does this change the way child table ‘permissions’ are handled?

@Andrew_McLeod there’s no change in the child table permission implementation.

how about this new refactor proposal? or how the different use cases works in your design? any possibility we work together and come out a ultimate solution for all identified use cases?