V12.1.8: Table Multiselect field was erased/cleared after Save

As shown below, ‘Belongs to Company’ field is a table multiselect field I created in Customer doctype. Everytime when I save the customer, my selections in the field will be erased.


Have you given it as select field type, check whether any custom script is written for that field.

Hi @Jenisha, it is Table MultiSelect field in the Customer doctype and the docfield’s “Option” is linked to “Company Multiselect Child Table” which is a child table doctype as shown below.

I have followed the instructions as per the guide: https://erpnext.com/docs/user/manual/en/customize-erpnext/articles/table-multiselect

No, I do not have any custom scripts for Customer doctype.

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I’m having the same issue. Did you solve it?

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This kind of behaviour is most likely due to a bug… I’d suggest you open a Github issue

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Unfortunately, no, I have not solve it yet.

Just reported: V12.1.8: Table Multiselect field was erased/cleared after Save · Issue #19673 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

You’re better off using this alternative:

please try to use my alternative solution and feedback whether it is okay,update the PR also

I solved this by ensuring that the field in the child table is marked as In Grid View.
@Raymond_Liew in your case you need to check In Grid View for Company in your Company Multiselect Child Table.


@marynvdl Thanks it worked for me also

This happens to me on Frappe 14 and worst of all, I can’t solve it by checking In Grid View because this option is not there.

Hi there, you must check In Grid View for the field of child table, which link to another doctype.

There’s also no grid view option

Hi @CleoMenezesJr Did you find any solution for this?