V12.3.1 Appointment feature: Holiday List issue

As you can see below, this new feature ‘Appointment Booking Settings’ allow us to set the holiday list for our appointments which is truly a great feature.

As 2019 is going to end, customers might want to book their appointment with us for next year.

The issue now is that we can only set 1 holiday list, and therefore the customers are unable to book appointments for next year. But we are unable to ‘swap’ the holiday list to next year’s holiday list because the current year isn’t over yet.

I tried a workaround by adding next year’s holiday to the existing holiday list (extending ‘To Date’ from 31-12-2019 to 31-12-2020 instead), but still could not fix the problem as shown below:

Found the workaround:

Add new holidays (next year’s) into current Holiday List & remember to increase ‘Number of days appointments can be booked in advance’ .

It did not fix my problem earlier because my ‘Number of days appointments can be booked in advance’ was set to 7 days only.