V12: Auto Repeat has no Document Types

Dear colleagues,

after a migration from v11 to v12 (ERPNext: v12.0.8, Frappe Framework: v12.0.8), when trying to create a new auto repeat, it has no Reference Document Types available to select from:

Can someone confirm this? Maybe I am missing something… Thanks!

(I have checked out Cannot create auto repeat, Auto Repeat doesnt have Fees as Doc type and other similar threads, but I guess this might have slipped in)

For the doctype to be available for Auto Repeat you must first edit the Doctype and check Enable Auto Repeat under the form settings.

Then you can go back to creating a new auto repeat and the doctype will be available.

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Hi @Iulian_Olaru,

thank you, indeed, I have missed (in my example Purchase Invoice) > Customise


After this, it works:

Might be good to have some doctypes like Sales Invoice and Purchase Invoice by default enabled for auto repeat.