[V12] BOM - Price not found for item in Standard Buying price list

Hello, please excuse my ignorance but I am having trouble getting a BOM to find item prices from a price list. I have pressed “Update Cost” many times.

I purchase raw materials from a supplier and have set up the Items and added the price of these Items in the ‘Standard Buying’ price list. I have set the supplier to use this price list as default.

I then created a new Item to be manufactured, then a new BOM for this Item and set the “Rate Of Materials Based On” to “Price List” and set the “Price List” to “Standard Buying”. Then I added the raw materials Items that are purchased from my suppliers to the items table in the BOM. When I save the BOM it says “Price not found for item xxxxx in price list Standard Buying”.

I checked the “Standard Pricelist” report and the items are there with their price.

Pressed “Update Cost” many times.

One thing I thought of, was that in the “Standard Buying” price list the Item Code has the code itself and then a colon and then the item name. I can’t post the screen shot as I’m a new user. Could this be messing with the lookup? I’m guessing here as I most likely have missed something really obvious though I have searched the forum and the docs. Any help is appreciated!

Your Item should be listed with updated prices in the price list of the “item price”.
you should point to STOCK —> ITEM PRICE and add your items in that list with Standard Buying as price list selected.

Also attached screenshots for your reference.

Reply back if any issues.

Thanks, here is the screenshot of the Item Price. As stated, the item is in this price list already.

Also a screen shot of the Materials section of the BOM.

I have found a solution!

I have deleted the BOM and the items and re made them both and now it is working. I have no idea what it was as I think I created them exactly the same way. It does indeed work as stated, which is a relief!

Thanks for making this software, I appreciate it! Now on to delving into the production plan, material requests and work orders…

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