V12 Broken Shopping Cart / Web Form Address Issues

I am seeing a problem with Shopping Cart on V12. When new customer signs up - adds item to cart - and when they click on Cart (to see contents) - it just dissappears. Also it creates multiple addresses and contacts per customer - and none of those addresses are visible under the customer on website.

Also the address web form was broken as it would not let customer save country. I deleted and recreated the address web form (by assigning System Manager permission on webform address). However now the address is saved - but not linked to customer that created it on website. Shows up under CRM Address List with no link to Customer.

Will appreciate any guidance on how to resolve.

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Same issue identified and a solution proposed by @conncampbell on github (Multiple contacts and customers generated by new registered customers. · Issue #19273 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub) . Thank you - was wondering if I was the only one facing this issue.

For those facing same issue - please manually edit the cart.py file with deletions/additions proposed in solution. Then use command bench update --rebuild . It is a temporary fix - until the patch is merged. Resolves the problem - for those on V12. This post is to document the solution.

Just saw the same issue in two systems that were upgraded from v10. Thanks for sharing. This seems to be a follow-up issue due to the change on the contact structure (multiple email which leads to this)…

Using the provided change resolves the issue, have taken this into our branch so that it stays.