V12 - Custom Print Format with Item wise tax & amount


We have been using Tally format for printing invoices from a long time.

We have been trying to get item wise tax & amount in table row, but unable to get the same done with V12, it was easy on v11.

Please look at the screen shot below of our current print format,

What we are trying to achieve is attached below,

Can somebody please help to achieve this for V12

Anybody ?

Help would be appreciated please !

You might share an example how and what you did in v11 - that is now not easy to do in v12?

You don’t state the origin of each screenshot v11, v12 or Tally?

hey @clarkej

Thanks for your reply,

In above post of mine, the first screenshot is my current setup on erpnext v12 ( it is based on @aakvatech, tally print format ) Link - Tally format for Tax Invoice - #11 by aakvatech

And the second screenshot is taken from Busy Accounting Software (This is what we are trying to achieve in V12)

In v11 I used a custom print format based on what @UmaG suggested in this post (How to display Item Wise Tax in invoice? - #18 by UmaG)

This is not working in V12.

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You may use the item wise tax detail html field and put it on the invoice below. Not sure how much relevant is per item tax detail on the same line item.

If you want, you can parse that html field and show the information.

Also line item has tax dictionary (item_tax_rate in Sales Invoice Item) that you can use.

hey @aakvatech

thanks for your reply I’ve already tried that, it doesnt work or am I doing something wrong !

look at this post,Tally format for Tax Invoice - #23 by tanuj82685 I tried to use Item_wise_tax in a table cell and it shows whole tax calculation column in a single cell, which is not relevant to the row item.

Can you please guide me in the right direction what should I do ?


can anybody help me achieve this goal