V12 Dev Mode: DocType modification causing data error as well as report error

I was using Dev Mode to modify “Employee Internal Work History” child table and it was working fine. However, I made some revisions on my modification which might have cause 2 error issues.

Error 1
The revision I made were not shown while the earlier modification remains:

Revised Edition:

Earlier modification that remained:

Notice that I have removed “Job Offer (with Probationary Period)” and added “Job Applicant” as the first option. But “Job Applicant” was not shown while “Job Offer (with Probationary Period)” and several others that I have removed still remained.

Error 2:
Not sure if it is due to my modification, it has affected other areas of employee including the Employee Leave Balance report:

fyi Server Error: TypeError: object of type 'NoneType' has no len() in Employee Leave Balance DocType - #3 by clarkej

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