[V12] Email Template for Sales Invoice


In ERPNext versions 11 and lower, it was possible to define default E-Mail templates for Delivery Note, Sales Order, Sales Invoice and so on.
I’ve now discovered the same feature in V12 which has replaced the above, namely “Email Template”.
I found out that it is still possible to set email standard templates for doctypes such as eg. “Delivery Note”, which are automatically fetched when creating a new email from delivery note. In case of the delivery note, you can set the email template in settings “Delivery Settings”.

Unfortunately, I have not found a way to set an email template for sales invoice!
In “Selling Settings” there is no possibility for it!
Am I just looking in the wrong place, or is this possibility no longer effective ?! :thinking:

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Any inputs on this?

Had the same query, may I ask how did it go? @joelios

@joelios see the discussion here: