[v12] How to invoice for additional Items (with direct connection to intial Sales Order)

I have a Sales Order and a Sales Invoice based on that. Customer pays upfront.

production is finished and there will be more produced Items then ordered (which is acceptable based on the contract we have with the customer). So I need a PINV that has a direct link to the initial Sales Order. How do I achieve that?

P.S. going via Delivery Note is not doable in my scenario. Customer needs to pay before delivery and only pays after Invoice was issued.

hm, there must be a way for this to be achieved. Nobody with any pointers around?

Not sure if this will work. Have you tried

  1. Increasing the Qty (differential qty after production) in SO through Update button
  2. Then create an invoice for the excess quantity from Sales Order

that sounds doable, but …

… these quantities where not ordered, so changing the SO would not illustrate the real situation any longer, so I am not convinced this is the cleanest way to do things (eventhough I admit it is better then any other way I came up with)

Go to Accounts settings

Change the overbilling allowance to 100% or whatever the maximum % of over production you think you can run.

With this you can now invoice qty and amount beyond the sales order qty against the original sales order document.

Will this resolve your challenge ?

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Are you saying that customer has ordered ItemX 5 Nos and due to manufacturing variabilities you could end up anywhere from 3 Nos to 7 Nos that are produced. Now you have a contract that you can bill the customer for 7 Nos even though the optimum order quantity (from the client’s perspective) is 5 Nos? If this is the scenario, @olamide_shodunke’s solution would work fine if and only if the client allows you to bill for the additional quantities that are produced.

If you can’t bill the additional quantities. You can simply do a Stock Entry purpose: Material Issue and flush out the quantities from your warehouse. If you need to load up the valuation of these items to the quantity that got invoiced, that’s slightly more complicated. Let us know if this is the case before we give you complicated answers down this path! :slight_smile:

If you are saying that there are some off shoot items that get produced while manufacturing what the Client has ordered (Like let’s say the client has ordered a Table but with the left over wood/iron you can also make a pen stand) and that your contract with the Client let’s you bill those items to the client (or your contract says that you need to give such items anyways because the client has paid for the material), then the answer is slightly more complicated.

I’m guessing that it’s not a simple answer considering who’s asking the question. :slight_smile:



yes, that is basically is the situation. Up to 10% plus are allowed overproduction

Okay! And will you get paid if you ship up to 10% over to your client? Or do you have to ship at 0 value? Or a discounted value as compared to the 100% of the normal order.



Of course not. 100% billiable

Olamide’s solution is already working for you, I guess.