V12 HR Statistical Component shows on Salary Slip

Hi all,
I thought this was my mistake due to the Custom APP but after reinstalling and no Custom APP i can see that the Statistical Component still shows when the Salary Slip was done/created.
ERPNext: v12.11.2 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.9.1 (version-12)

Was created as

And after processing

My temp solution was redoing the Salary Slip when printing not to show if statistical is ticked.
But i have tested this on V13 and works perfectly… :wink:

Hi All,
After testing and reinstalling new version of V12 with no changes done to the source code …
I figured why i had to change the code to include Statistical_components and why they were showing on the form… Because the system was not calculating components depending on fields with statistical_component active.

As you can see on the image i have SI as a statistical_component that does the calculations but the value of it is not available when comes to Deductions calcs … and for that IN will not be calculated.

At first i thought this was my mistake so had to change the source code and include statistical_components to be shown so calcucations could be done and when printing (changed format to not show Statistical_components) was ok.

But now after testing on a new version as i said previous no changes done to source code i could see that if you have SI on EARNINGS this will not be calculated on DEDUCTIONS for SI.

Temporary solution is to have SI calcs on DEDUCTIONS under IIRT1 or IIRT2 or any other Deduction named.
On issue i see is to double formulas from EARNINGs to DEDUCTIONS and vice versa just to have the values.

On V10 this was fine and we could access any SC from EARNINGS or DEDUCTIONS.

Hi, Yes. It is happenning to me too. I can’t believe that nobody is having this problem.

Same issue with me happen?

thanks for the awesome information.