V12 HR Submit Salary Slip and Accrual JV created

Hi all,
If not mistaken from V10 or prior when you process the Salaries, more when you Submit Salary Slips on the code it will check if SS submitted and create Make_Accrual_JV_ENTRY… after generated is linked to Salary slips generated.
But the issue is when you cancel all Salary Slips (maybe one or two records are wrong) and process again. The old generated JV is not cancelled so is part of Accounts… and the new generated will be also part of Accounts giving numbers which are not true!

Maybe i am the one not seeing or checking if the old JV created by the Canceled Payroll Entry is really adding up on the BOOKs.

To add if you don’t cancel all Slips but cancel one or two and create a new Payroll Entry if not mistaken the System will use the old JV and add values (does not cancel or deduct the previous)…