[v12] I am able to choose any UOM in Stock Entry

I am playing with Stock in v12 a bit and am very suprised that I can choose any kind of UOM when adding up Stock on a particular product.

I had remove all UOM concersions and all UOM entries from this test instance and have added some new UOM. Nonw of them are connected to any other my conversions.

Now my test item has the standard UOM kg, and no other UOM whatsoever.

still the system allows me to add 100 square meters of that Item to my warehouse (Stock Entry, Material Receipt)

Am I not getting anything here or is this a fat bug?

EDIT: I see a difference to v11 where the default UOM is picked in the Stock Entry line where in v12 it is empty, so it is more likely to pick something wrong there

disclaimer: I have not touched the Stock Module before ever. All Items in our production Setup are not set up to ‘Maintain Stock’ yet. So my level of experience in this is pretty low

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