V12 : Leave Application Workflow

Hi all,

Can anyone help to configure the leave application workflow? I have struggling for 2 days by changing different value but not success. I just need a very simple workflow. CEO to (approval workflow to approve or reject the leave)

Thanks in advance if anyone can check if these if correct.


Kindly find the screenshot below:

Let me know if this works.



Dear Reema,

Yeah, it works finally!! :slight_smile:
But how does the workflow working ? I have tried most of the solutions provided in the forum and the tutorial but none of it working for me …

My doubts as below :

  1. What and when to use “Update Field” - Status ?
  2. “Update Value” - Is this field a free text ?
  3. Under Transitions : Any specific rules / sequence of the state assignment ?

Thanks again your kind help and support !!


Your Welcome !

Kindly find my inlines:

This is not a mandatory field, even if you do not fill it, its ok

You can create your own value for workflow if you want but it has to be valid state matching with the transition

Nope, it is just the flow that you want to put, basically “if this than that” kind