[v12] New Website based on Bootstrap 4 and new Website Theming

Hey people,

Yesterday, we merged feat: Migrate Website to Bootstrap 4.

This is a big change to the Website Module in version 12. All of the base templates in Frappe now use Bootstrap 4 components.

Website Theme is also now refactored to use Bootstrap 4 theming based on SCSS. This means that you can write your own SCSS file which can import frappe source files and generate a theme.

We have also improved SEO configuration capabilities by introducing Website Route Meta which can be used to add arbitrary meta tags on website routes.

Please try these features out in your test environments on the develop branch and report any bugs.

Migration Notes:

  1. The bootstrap hook is deprecated, you can link the custom Bootstrap 3 css file directly in your templates by overriding the base template.
  2. Old Website Theme configuration doesn’t work with the new Bootstrap 4 Theming, so you will have generate a new theme which is pretty easy to port because raw CSS is also valid SCSS.

ERPNext’s website is also getting a major overhaul which is the reason for this refactor. Stay tuned for that.