V12 Notification SMS Channel Recipient

Exploring the SMS Channel under Notification. Do not see Recipients - so who gets the SMS when Notification enabled for this channel? If you select Email - recipient section shows up. If you select SMS - it dissappears.

Wondering if same behavior for other users. Please confirm. Is this a bug?

Getting the same problem in the V13 release

Can’t select anything in the Receiver by Document Field.

Anyone resolved the issue. I am still seeing the same issue

Make sure the field in which you save contact number has Phone as its options.

@zerodiscount Hi.

I am getting only option of “owner” . On selecting this get a mobile number error while sending SMS.

Not getting any other option in SMS.

Hosting on Frappe Cloud with latest build.

I think this was already resolved in later updates of v13.

I am on ERPNEXT V 13.30.0
Frappe 13.29.2

Not resolved. Still getting only “Owner” when creating NEW SMS notification for Sales Order or Quotation DocTypes.