[v12] offline POS only syncing - not all Invoices are set to "Submitted"

I have a pretty fresh v12 instance on a local network here and am experimenting with the Offline POS.

Now when I cut off the network the POS remains workable but when I try to Sync the Offline Invoice after I switched the network connection back on (actually I do this by turning nginx off & back on again in the LXD Container my ERPNext is running in) only the first of several Invoice I have created Offline are getting synced.

I also seen in the General Ledger that there is a gap in the Invoice Numbers. When I check the Sales Invoice List I see that the missing Offline POS Invoice are in “DRAFT”, not “SUBMITTED”.

can someone tel what is going wrong here?

I confirm that I go through the entire POS process and ‘Submit’ the payment, so from that perspective I’d believe it’s not necessarily me doing something incorrect.

It seems the problem lies in items not being in available in the required qty of those unsubmitted invoices

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Ho, yes this occurs when you are selling Stock items. To fix this you need to sync the inventory as well when you start the POS. This way it will only sell available items. When invoice is synced it will would be seamless

Our custom app for POS may assist you. It built for V11 so you may have to update it for V12. See point 11 of the Read Me section.

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thanks. Your custom App’s functionality seems to be pretty handy from what the README says. Also it looks like those enhancements could be an enhancement for basically everyone. How can we help you to transform this into a PR to the core code?

Welcome. You can assist by testing the app and fixing/recommending any code that need to corrected. I see that you have corrected some typos. The app is already in production at multiple customers however testing by experienced users would help in making it better and matured.

We can then work on making a PR to merge into core.

I’ll install it and run through it in the coming days. I can’t code unfortunately neither do I have much experience with the POS Module thus far. But still I’ll give it a try.

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Hi @Muzzy

Trying to use Bahrain PoS , following error when trying to open closing cash voucher

Any hints on how to resolve it?

Really not sure. @fkardame or @sunhoww may know better as they have worked on it.

Thanks @Muzzy

@fkardame any insight?

ERPNext Version Please?

Version 11

We never faced any problem.

Do you have any other App? Does the user have access to create new POS Closing Voucher?

I gave the user the rights

If you have not experienced this I will have to dig deeper to figure out what is wrong

Thanks for the response

Sure let me know.
When did you install the POS app and when was the last time you updated?