[v12]POS Closing Entry Expected Amount is not showing correct amount

Hi, I am testing to use POS for my retail store and I tried to make a POS Closing Entry. Why is the expected amount = opening amount + total cash paid (without the change from the payment)? I choose cash account for both change account & mode of payment. Is it by design or did I not set up the account correctly?

In the screenshot, I expected the closing amount = expected amount

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Manage to figure it out by changing p.amount in pos_closing_entry to d.grand_total

I can’t understand what you mean .!.

this issue is still exist for versions 12.19 and 13.1.1

it was working perfectly couple of months ago, but now it is really doing confusion for the GL
as we found the Closing vouchers is more than or less than the cash account on daily basis

for ex:
sale for 60
customer pays 100
change amount 40

expected amount should be 60 , unfortunately it appears 100

are there a quick fix for this?
this is really trivial but making the POS closing entries not reliable!
there are many bug reports/fixes … but the issue is still exist.
any help ?

any help here please ?
i have logged a bug report here #25638