V12 Project Profitability Calculation Error

Hi everyone, I am facing a problem here. Both Profitability Analysis Report and Profit & Loss Report did not calculate the profitability of a project correctly. Due to the sensitivity, I have to darken the Sales and Expenses amount.

Below is a snapshot of a project. This project does not have Timesheet Costing and Billing nor Expense Claims. The only expense is Purchase Cost while the income is derived from Sales Order and Sales Invoice

As you can see in the below Profitability Analysis screenshot, the project was not “fetched” at all.

On the other hand, the P&L Statement only shows the “Expense”. The profit of this project is in “red”, signifying a loss due to the reason that the income generated from Sales Invoices were not fetched into this report.

Version used: 12.04

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Anyone facing this issue?