[V12] Project Webpage missing "more" button

I’m trying to allow my customers to see their projects but the project webpage only displays 10 tasks, even when the project has more then that.

I was reading the code and I’ve found this at the templates(erpnext/projects.html at version-12 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub):

39 <p><a id= 'more-task' style='display: none;' class='more-tasks small underline'>{{ _("More") }}</a><p>

It seams that the “style” is forbidding the button to show. I can’t see a reason for that, It behaves as a simple text but it just works fine. Maybe it is a bug, so I will open an issue on github about it and link it here

Has anyone experience using project webpage to know more about this bug or any other challenges?


Have you open an issue on github ? I have seen it today in latest v12 : erpnext v12.11.2