V12 - Reports not set as background/prepared report even though flags are set

What is the condition that the Generate Report Button shows and the report is set as a background report even after the disable prepared report flag is unchecked both in edit report and role permission for page and report.

I am working on V12 latest pull as of posting this question and i notice the randomness of the prepared reports .
Some Reports have the generate report button present and some dont even though they have the same flags set ,

even default reports like Stock ledger dont have the prepared report button when its the most heavy on server report .
Is there like a coding schema which enables it, i didnt see any clear differences though for this between stock ledger (not background report by default) or item-wise sales history (not background report by default) and say customer credit balance(prepared report) even though the settings for both are the same .

Any insights would definitely help .

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There was another post which inquired about the same issue , though the only solution came was to update the erpnext , -

Though i am running on the latest pull of the v12 branch , and still have the same questions .

Hello am sorry to impose but did you find a solution for this? I’m using v12 too.

Yes, there is a Hidden check flag in report list called - prepared_report .
Its right below the disable_prepared_report flag ,
this is the actual one which is controlling the things , but its hidden and its toggle is linked with the disable check which doesn’t always work…

So you have to edit the doctype (core docs cannot be customized ) , you will need developer mode on for it , and make that flag unhidden and not-read only

Then toggle it to get instant changes between prepared and non-preapred reports,

Its strange why the entire code depends on this hidden flag (had to do a lot of digging to find out ) but the toggle of it is based on another flag and not always there ,

It was a flag in old version and the functionality was not properly migrated to new one with new flag .

Anyway you have to do this to get the reports to behave as you want.
Cheers .


Thank you very much for your help, this solution worked for me too.