[V12] Serial Nos not fetched in Delivery Note

serial numbers are not fetched in delivery note and add serial number button is also not working properly…

Please check what error does the browser console post when you try to fetch serial nos via “Add Serial No” button.
I faced a similar issue as well but was not able to reproduce the issue. When I created a new item with Has Serial No set and with a Syntax for Serial No generation, the system does fetch serial Nos via Add Serial No button.
Some error logs or steps to reproduce this error might help finding out the cause of this error/bug

Thank you Manan_Shah for your valuable time…Actually when I am making delivery note through sales order …serial numbers are not auto populated …and when the serial number field is empty add serial number button doesn’t work but as soon as i type something in the box button starts working … browser console doesn’t show any error. pls help.


Im getting this error on the console:

VM629:145 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘df’ of undefined
at :145:39
at Array.forEach ()
at init.make_dialog (:143:24)
at init.setup (:21:8)
at new init (:14:9)
at transaction.js:1728
at Object.eval_assets (assets.js:88)
at Object.execute (assets.js:74)
at Object.frappe.require (assets.js:12)
at Object.erpnext.show_serial_batch_selector (transaction.js:1727)
(anonymous) @ VM629:145
make_dialog @ VM629:143
setup @ VM629:21
init @ VM629:14
(anonymous) @ transaction.js:1728
eval_assets @ assets.js:88
execute @ assets.js:74
frappe.require @ assets.js:12
erpnext.show_serial_batch_selector @ transaction.js:1727
(anonymous) @ utils.js:70
dispatch @ jquery.min.js:3
r.handle @ jquery.min.js:3

Is there somehting wrong in the config or am I missing something?

kind regards