V12 Stock Entry (Manufacture): Invalid Naming Series (. missing) Error Message

Hi, is anyone facing this issue? I do not have this error for other Stock Entry (Manufacture)

I am using v12.04

have you added a custom naming series?

Hi @saurabh6790, thank you for your reply.

No, I did not add any custom naming series for Stock Entry. To give you more context of the situation, I have a few Work Orders running concurrently. I was able to submit other Stock Entries (Manufacture) for other Work Orders namely, MAT-STE-2019-00049, MAT-STE-2019-00051 and MAT-STE-2019-00052 but not MAT-STE-2019-00050 (as shown in the above picture)

I am using the latest version of ERPNext and the problem still exists.

Additional Information to create the issue:
Create a product which has batch numbers. In the naming series of the batch - do not enter a “.”
Create a purchase order with that product, and then while creating a purchase reciept for that order - the error message will come up.

Solving the issue
I do not know whether this is the correct solution - but adding a “.” in the batch series of the product resolves the issue.

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@Akram_Mutaher please share your experience in this error
Thanks in advance

Try select Batch No then save, that solved my issue.

I have the same error

There is a bug with creating serial number which generates this error.

I found it
someone messed up with the serilal no. naming series