V12 web form (issue)

I have been trying to play with the web form feature in V12, particular the issue form.

I am facing the following problems:

  1. Comments added from the front end web form will be inserted to the document (in our case, the issue document) and can be seen from the back end (the desktop). But comments added from the back end can not be seen from the front end (website). Is it designed in this way?

  2. Attachments added from the back end (the desktop) can be seen from front end (the website) if we mark it as public file (and with the “show attachments” option ticked for the web form. However, sometimes the files we are trying to attach in the back end is marked as private even if we didn’t tick the “mark all attachments private” option when attaching the files. We wouldn’t notice that until we mouse over the files and realize the files are in the private folder or when we can not see the files on the front end web form. This happens occasionally.

  3. Attachment added from the front end (the website) will not be attached to the document (in our case, the issue document). We realized those files we attach from back end (the desktop) are stored under a virtual sub folder called Attachments and they will linked to the document, if we use the File module to look at the file list. However, those files attached from thee front end will not be in the Attachments folder and they will not be linked to any document (in our case, the issue document). And after attaching the file from front end web form, we will not see the file in the web form any more.

I managed to figure out point 2. We need to specifically click the lock/unlock icon to make the attachment public or private.

However, regarding point 1. I still can not figure out what to do. In the older version (I have v8), the comment made in the document in back end, I figured out in the database tabComment, the published field is marked as 1 and from the front end, the user will be able to see the comments. Is there any way I can make the back end comments “auto published”?

And I still can not figure out point 3.

Anyone? Help…

I also would like to know, how to attach more than 1 file from web form

I figured out point 1. I customized the Comment Doc to change the default value of “publish” field to 1. And all comment made at the desktop (back end) will be shown on front end.

But point 3 is still an issue for me. Anyone?