V13.49.x to latest minor version


I’m 46k commits behind in my v13.49.10. I guess I need to catch up somehow.

Honestly I’m really scared that it will break my instance.

May I ask the exact steps and commands to do a minor update? I think if I miss 1 step I’ll be sleepless for weeks.

Steps I’ll do:

  • back up DB
  • back up whole directory
  • cp -R the whole directory
  • use the copied directory to update
  • update bench
  • update frappe
  • update ERPNext
  • bench migrate
  • bench build
  • bench start

Please advise.

PS: oh I’ve modified some standard DocType…and need to retain the changes.

Are these the needed/correct steps? supervisor, nginx are already up and running.

  1. cd /opt/bench
  2. pip3 install frappe-bench --upgrade
  3. cd frappe-bench
  4. bench setup requirements
  5. bench update --reset

??? Am I missing any other steps?